Unapologetically Agnostic

I belong to a family of religious people, so religion played a great part in my life. Most of the things that I learned about God and spirituality are from my family and people with similar beliefs. In my teens, I met people with a completely different opinion – these were the atheists, I was intrigued and wanted to know more about it.

Now for centuries, there has been this undeniable controversy between these two sets of beliefs. A general definition of a Religious person is someone who believes in God and is devoted to the religious practices they belong to. For them, everything is happening under the supervision of a *Higher Power*. On the other hand, an Atheist is someone that does not acknowledge the idea of an omnipresent force (they do not believe in God), for them the world has its pattern that it follows, like its on Auto-Pilot mode.

With all due respect, I have nothing against these two communities, I believe that being religious requires a very great proportion of dedication and to be an atheist it takes courage to lay such beliefs out in the world.

Growing up in a religious family I thought I knew which side I was on but life had different plans, I know I’m not religious because there are a lot of things I disagree with but I’m also not an atheist cause I do believe that there is something powerful and influential out there that we don’t quite understand.

So my question is if I don’t belong to these two communities then where do I stand?. In my pursuit of answers to where my loyalties are, I found out that there is a 3rd group that doesn’t get much attention as compared to the other two. These are the Agnostics, these are a bit, neutral people. An agnostic is someone who does believe in God but refuses to agree that any being on this planet has the potential to rightful understand the concept of God. These people focus mainly on making themselves spiritually enlightened.

In a way, we forget that this entire universe is an extraordinary creation and we humans are a part of it too. So whatever your beliefs are, if they push you to your full aptitude and make you understand that your existence has a bigger meaning than you recognize, then it does not matter if you are Religious, Atheist or Agnostic, you are spiritually on the right path.

Am I Lost?

When sitting all alone under the night sky filled with stars, when life gets busy and uncertain, you reach a point where you ask yourself, ‘Am I Lost?’.

The things that bring you to this question may be different but in the end, the feeling remains the same. All alone, broken, disappointed, body aching with sadness till it breaks your faith; what hurts the most is when you can’t find the place where you belong.

It makes me wonder why does that feeling ever occur in one’s life, and how one question can make someone feel so miserable and make them doubt their whole existence.

There may be scientific data that may try to answer that question for you, they did come close but never entirely agreed with what I found. People always seem to know ‘What’ they are feeling but never seem to quite understand ‘Why’ they feel that way.

Maybe when on this journey called ‘Life’ we meet people or come across a path that ignites a spark that we never thought existed, a thrill of being someone you never thought you could be, a door that opens a whole new world of possibilities. And when that goes missing you don’t know how to walk that direction all on your own, that world starts to feel strange, that thrill turns into quiet. And at that road standing all by yourself, the only thing that comes to mind is ‘Am I Lost?’

At that moment when you cant find your spark when everything seems to feel distant when all you are looking for is a place to call home, take a good look at yourself, recognize who you are and how far you’ve come, appreciate the spirit that has held you up and keep walking as your faith will lead you to a place you’ve been looking for, a place you can gladly call home.